The School

Wai‘alae Elementary Public Charter School

 On any given day, at any given time, parents and community volunteers can be observed around our school campus being involved in children learning by helping the school, teachers, or students. They may be tutoring students, coaching, doing clerical tasks, fundraising, chaperoning field trips, or organizing and participating in projects and activities. Parents get involved either individually or through organized groups such as Friends of Wai‘alae School (FWS), classroom learning hui, and governance boards and committees.

Very often, persons from the community with no “child connection” to Wai‘alae volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to the school. Their interest in supporting public education and helping children are greatly appreciated.

The Mission of Wai‘alae School

Wai’alae Public Charter School is a student-centered school that honors the whole child. It is committed to nurturing a community of learners who strive for excellence and innovation, empowering all members of the community to actively engage in a democratic society.

The vision of Wai‘alae School is to prepare children for the 21st century as…
  • Well-rounded individuals; capable of multiple dimensions
  • Self-confident risk-takers
  • Creative problem-solvers
  • Collaborative
  • Socially responsible to others and the world

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